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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AAA support of a ban on texting - are they meeting stakeholder needs ?

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has announced a campaign to push for texting while driving bans in all 50 states .

This is a great example for us in the sustainability world. Why ?

AAA stakeholders, the members and funders of the organization, are the ones who are texting while driving. So they must want to text while driving. The AAA could be taking the approach that our members want to do this so we need to lobby on behalf of their desires so they can carry on. They could create fear of a ban by finding an obscure example of a AAA member who was able to text ahead a life saving message while driving a sick child to the hospital.

Instead the AAA has taken a more holistic view and led their stakeholders to what we all know is the right thing to do, not just from a societal perspective but for their own self interest too.

Other organizations, commercial and otherwise, should emulate this approach and take a leadership role with stakeholders to meet not their narrower short term needs, but their longer term more holistic best interests.

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