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Saturday, January 3, 2004


Welcome to CSR Perspective.

Corporate Social Responsibility is critical to organizations and many have a strategy in place, but the practice of these strategies is subject to much debate. Businesses themselves are concerned with measuring the impact of their sustainability activities on their organization. Many stakeholders want to understand the impact of the corporation and its activities on the community or environment. And as far as the general public is concerned, many still say the term “Corporate Social Responsibility” itself is a contradiction in terms at a frequency that business should not be taking lightly. I’ve created this blog to share my perspective on these issues.

I have authored the Four Dimensions of Sustainability, as a straightforward framework to analyze an organization’s sustainability strategy through any of these lenses.

I strive to provide a unique perspective. It is influenced by the programs that I’ve been a part of with BT Americas and especially my work on the intersection between sustainability and Information Communication Technology (ICT) services. I find the contrasts between British and American approaches of great interest. As a Brit, who has lived and worked in the U.S. for over 13 years and now working for a British company in the America’s, these contrasts fascinate me and you’ll read several posts consciously or otherwise influenced by this perspective.

My role at BT Americas is to be a catalyst to help the company and our customers move forward on all aspects of sustainability, and I will provide updates on BT’s sustainability initiatives related to economic, environmental and societal sustainability – especially with reference to our activities in North America.