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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Unconferencing in DC

Having recently posted in Is Blogging Good for Corporate Responsibility ? on resisting the urge to use a blog for reporting on where one is right now I am going to do just that. I have been inspired to do so by the Green Innovation for Business Unconference that I am attending right now. I am writing this during a break. If you are not here now, you are too late - we wind up in about an hour. But if you are in Boston, Silicon Valley or Austin you can attend repeat events in the future.

There are no keynotes, no speaker panels and no preset agenda. There is a convening topic - obvious from the name of the event. There is great participation from companies, NGOs, government and private individuals. And there is a great facilitation process and some simple ground rules that have provided the framework around which the agenda was set at the beginning of the day. The unconference provides a format for all the networking I value so much at conferences and for the rich discussion and learning that is often so curtailed in the Q&A sessions at the end of conference presentations.

If you are interested in the content, you can see it at the conference wiki. Much has been transcribed there in real time.

Going back in to the closing session now.

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