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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Globalization – Possibilities and Pitfalls Webinar

I run an employee charity match program for BT in North America. It enables employees to make donations to charity and receive a partial match from the company. As well as the employee engagement benefits, it is a way of allowing employee stakeholders to determine the direction of some of the company’s giving – employees vote with their own dollars.

We work with an external vendor Truist to run our program. I will participating, together with Mark Shamley (President,ACCP) in a webinar that Truist is holding at 12.00pm ET on Tuesday June 16th looking at globalization of global giving programs. I will be speaking about the impact of Transatlantic cultural differences on all aspects of corporate responsibility and I believe Mark is going to be addressing more specifically the issues of global corporate giving programs.

The Webinar is free. If you are interested you can sign up here. It would be great to have some readers of my blog on the call.

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