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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Corporate Responsibility Officers Association - Board of Governors

The newly formed Board of Governors of the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association was officially announced yesterday. I was pleased to be invited to be a member of the Board. The CRO Association will cover a number of topics. Among them, will be the CRO's list of 100 Best Corporate Citizens that is especially well known.

I have a particular interest in the role of the corporate social responsibility officer and in developing the professional standing of that role. I know that between myself and colleagues in other companies the role varies from compliance to advisory to public relations; from environment to poverty to health and from developing profitable business opportunity to charitable giving. I made reference to this in my January 09 post 'Issue Advertising and the Role of the Sustainability Officer'. I am hoping that one of the things the CROA will be able to contribute to will be increasing the structure and recognition of the role and in so doing, will enhance the professional standing of practitioners.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    Congratulations on the appointment. I thought you might be interested in Nestle's web conference next week at the UN on Creating Shared Value. I'd be happy to provide you with some more information if you'd like to follow up over e-mail.