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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A North American’s Perspective on CR in the UK

I am often asked about how it is that Britain is more advanced than the USA on corporate responsibility. I don’t completely agree, but the question is so flattering so I tend to get drawn into coming up with reasons! Chris Coulter of Globescan has done a lot of research in the area over many years and so when we were together on a panel at BCCCC I took the opportunity to ask him afterwards to give me his view. One that I thought was perhaps less biased than mine. It was just after lunch so apologies for the clean up noise in the background!

Chris’s main points are:
• An engaged and competitive media
• A long standing and sophisticated NGO and Civil Society approach (eg. Business in the Community)
• Government engagement
• British companies having been exposed to international business for a long time
• A British culture of ‘doing the right thing’

Compare Chris’s views with Professor Jenn Griffin’s thoughts.

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