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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My CR Wish List For the Coming Decade

I know, the horse has bolted on some of these but it shouldn’t stop me from hoping, after all there are many things in place now in 2010 that we couldn’t have anticipated ten years ago. Here is a wish list for 2010 – 2020 that led me to envisage the press release in my previous post.

Daily stock prices become unavailable because no one has any interest in them anymore. Investors are in for the long haul and only really pay attention to the five year, ten year and longer term outlooks.

The ethical, social and environmental sustainability record of a corporate leader is as much a part of their professional credibility as the financial performance of the businesses they have led.

The CR role has become a profession that complements the accountants, lawyers, engineers and marketers that run our businesses such that corporations are not required to have a CR practitioner on the leadership team because they wouldn’t think of doing otherwise.

The predominant mode of discussion in the business world shifts from binary positions, legal style advocacy and resolution through the law and instead puts more emphasis on understanding alternative views, on holistic decision making and on arbitrated resolution of disagreement.

Green products, advertising and marketing disappear because it has become a basic requirement of doing business and it makes no more sense to advertise that your company is green than to advertise that it isn’t fraudulent or criminal or your product is not a safety hazard.

Individuals are able to reconcile the contrasting values they apply as members of civil society with those they apply as employees, as investors and as customers of a company, to reach a consistent and balanced view of how companies should act.

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