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Friday, July 24, 2009

Corporate Sustainability - A Pocket Guide

I just received a copy of a new booklet on Corporate Sustainability from 'Context'. It is a great little booklet. I am a book lover and this is a tactile, hand sized publication with a flip movie in the corner - I am sucker for that sort of novelty !

And the content is pretty good too ! The first few pages contain a great overview of the history of corporate sustainability that interleaves the UK and US approaches. Another topic I am interested in.

On page 5 there is reference to the terminology of 'giving back' and 'taking away' that I blogged about in Should Businesses be Giving Back to the Community . It puts the terminology in the context of the Trans-Atlantic differences in approach.

You can download a copy here. I think it is a great primer for newcomers especially.

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