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Friday, May 15, 2009

Student Impact on Sustainability

I’ve seen more involvement from students in sustainability in recent years. In fact, I recently tapped into this network of students when I presented at the NetImpact conference at Wharton this past November and saw their excitement and involvement in sustainability matters.

BT also recently hosted a team of graduate researchers from the UCLA Anderson School at the site of our new headquarters to see the finished solar installation and ask questions. For an alternative take on the installation, take a look at the comprehensive and very interesting report they wrote giving their perspective on the project.

I am thrilled to see the involvement of students in sustainability. More importantly, our higher education institutions have implemented commendable programs that incorporate environmental factors within the context of business, tourism, food and other areas of everyday life. As someone who has a corporate social responsibility job, its great to see a younger generation seeking to make an impact.

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