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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Successful Tele-Conferencing Adoption Strategies

I spoke today about implementing successful conferencing adoption strategies as part of a Climate Group webinar (to listen to my segment go to approximately :48 into the webinar). The focus was on ensuring reduction in travel-related emissions, and I came up with the following 10-point checklist of components of a successful strategy based on a range of customer audio, web and video implementations:

Demonstrate ownership and commitment

1) Senior management adoption - through both a senior sponsor and adoption of conferencing by senior management
2) Own badged - have all components of the service badged in your company name to demonstrate ownership

Provide framework for engagement

3) Provide context for engagement and report against it - report emissions avoided in the context of an overall company emissions reduction objective
4) Cap travel or emissions budgets - at least measure, or possibly cap, travel budget and add a carbon charge to internal budgets or set emissions budgets

Educate and communicate

5) Support transition with tutorials on how to set up conferences and how to conduct a successful conference call. Required behaviors are different from face-to-face meetings.
6) Ongoing targeted communication - customized to the user type (non-user, novice, experienced, expert)
7) Expound all the benefits - don’t just rely on emissions reduction; communicate all the benefits - cost reduction, faster decision making, work/life balance, improved productivity

Ensure service is easy to use

8) Reservation-less
9) Non-technical
10) Integrated

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